5 Steps

To Gain More Time, Money, Energy and Confidence

Do you experience…

Self Doubt

Mum/Dad Guilt

Low Confidence and Self-Esteem

Ongoing Fatigue or Exhaustion


I can help you…

Simplify Your life

Remove unhelpful thoughts and feelings

Calm your mind, body and soul

Improve your finances

Create more time to do the things you love

Grow your confidence and feelings of self worth

Clarify your purpose and mission in life

How do we do this?


Step One - Discover & Connect

  • We literally do an audit of your whole life
  • I help you quiet the noise and tune into your intuition
  • Listen to what your body is communicating to you
  • Then I help you connect with what you really want

Step Two - Decide & Commit

  • It’s time to compare your dreams with your reality
  • Together we’ll work out what no longer serves you
  • And what you need to replace those things with
  • You choose your focus for the months ahead
  • Then commit to making something wonderful happen!

Step Three - Delete and Delegate

  • We roll our sleeves up and start removing all the excess, and delegate where necessary
  • From physical clutter and digital noise to people, commitments and more
  • Step by step we declutter your whole life 

Step Four - Visualise and Create

  • Introducing visualisations, affirmations and other new habits
  • You design a schedule that works for you and your life
  • I provide you with self-care and minimalist tools to use now and in the future
  • With new eyes you begin to see opportunities all around you

Step Five - Cultivate, Nurture and Grow

  • By now you are ‘Awake’ and feeling more connected
  • It’s time to create a long term plan you can action, measure and review
  • I help you design a daily routine you will enjoy that will take you much closer to your dreams

“Since that first coaching session, only 7 months on, my life looks very different. I am now a very happy single/co-parenting mother of two beautiful children. I have my own business; I am financially more stable than I have been for years. I am making my family life and business work, it’s most definitely messy at times but after a number of coaching sessions with Tanya I am so proud of where I am today. I now wake up happy every single day.”  B. Horsfall

We all have a story. I'd love to hear yours.

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