Tanya Slater

“Tanya is like a new pair of glasses,

as soon as you work with her you see the world anew.” D. Samways

I am a humanbeing here to give my contribution, make a difference in the world and have lots of fun.

I am a home educating mum committed to allowing the boys to enjoy their childhood without pressure, nurturing a lifelong love of independent learning and protecting their mental and physical wellbeing.

I am a Fibromyalgia warrior. I have to call myself a Warrior to keep my brain out of the victim mentality, This empowers me to keep going no matter what.

I am an entrepreneur. Having saved my life a few years ago I fell in love with everything about Arbonne and now run my own business with them educating others how to do healthy from the inside out and how to have fun creating impressive passive income at the same time.

Discovering the conscious living lifestyle of minimalism was a game changer for me and has completely transformed my life over the last seven years. My growing passion lead to me founding The Minimalist Life Coach through which I now help people streamline everything empowering themselves to create the time, space and money they need to flourish in life and business.

I value honesty and kindness above all else. After seven years of self-discovery and clearing my entire life of all that didn’t serve me, I became incredibly in tune with my body and my identity. I discovered I am really sensitive to people’s energy. This has become an incredible asset as I now live my life solely by my intuition and the energies around me.

We all have a story

I would love to connect and hear yours

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