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Ways We Can Work Together

“Tanya is such an inspirational speaker that engaged us from the beginning. You can’t help but be thrilled by her attitude to life!” N. Walker Brimble


“Take control of your environment and you take control of your life.” A Keynote crafted to Inspire, Motivate and Educate.

  • Restoring the audiences relationship with their intuition and empowering them to make bold decisions using this internal guiding force.
  • I demonstrate how easy it is to work out what is most important to each person and how they can preserve and protect that when they leave.
  • Audience participation that shows how quickly when you insist on less, you get more of what you want.

Investment £1,500


Could your organisation benefit from a tailored ½ day or full day workshop?

  • Experiences designed to inspire and motivate
  • Helping attendees gain a new perspective
  • Learning how to apply Minimalism in thier life & work
  • Leave feeling less stressed and more confident
  • Taking away actionable steps to gain more time, money, energy and much more!

  Investment 1/2 Day £500 or Full Day £1,000 

Moving Out to Move Back In

As a home educating mum I know a lot about battles with clutter!

  • 2 full day personal home visits
  • Pack up the most challenging rooms
  • Move back in Only the items of most importance
  • Everything else we sell, donate or recycle.
  • Coaching as we clear your home and your mind
  • Having lots of fun as we go.
  • 4 follow up calls to ensure you continue taking action

Nothing promotes confidence and well being like a blank canvas to breathe easy in and start a fresh.

Investment £1,500

1-2-1 Coaching

Beacause we all need a little help sometimes

We are all unique and so is my approach to helping you. You are not alone and should never feel like you are. Investing in regular support can have immense long term value for you and your family. I absolutely love seeing my clients find their clarity, confidence and self-esteem while learning how to streamline thier life. In person and online sessions availble.

Personalised quote on request

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